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Technology Implementation for Small Business Owners

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Almost everything in business today is driven by some type of technology. With the pace of business, it’s become more difficult for small business owners to keep up. This service will take the complexity out of technology implementations so that you can show up every day knowing that you’re using the best in technology to drive your business forward for years to come.

Popular technology implementations include: setting up online storefronts for eCommerce sales, setting up systems to maintain inventory online, creating automated email marketing workflows for easy upsell of products and services, setting up CRM (customer relationship management) systems, data cleanup, appending of data, discovery of target market data, online billing systems for easy payment processing, plus many more. We do it all for you on time and under budget.

Service is billed on a monthly recurring basis, can be canceled anytime, and will be delivered remotely. If additional onsite implementation help is needed, we can fulfill your request on a special project basis.