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Set Up Salesforce CRM Database

Regular price $3,795.00 USD
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This Salesforce service will help you set up deal tracking, simple reporting, follow-up activity, and marketing initiatives. You provide the data, and we'll plug it all into Salesforce and make it run smoothly for you. Excellent for startups to Inc. 5000 companies.

This Salesforce CRM database setup service will keep your data safe in a cloud-based central repository. Get your customer data out of Excel where you can overwrite important information, or even worse, have a data breach.

Keeping contacts, both prospects and customers, in a secure database like Salesforce provides, is essential to long-term business success. This service will provide you with a turnkey solution that will get Salesforce set up and employees trained.

Streamline customer onboarding, enter prospects and customers into email campaigns, and trigger alerts for sales reps to follow up by phone, all with our Salesforce setup service.

This service includes an initial discovery call, setup recommendations for success, and (10) hours of implementation support. If you'd like continuous monthly support for Salesforce, we can fulfill your request on a special project basis, just ask us.