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Simple Business Help

Set Up ClickFunnels Account

Regular price $97.00 USD
Regular price $250.00 USD Sale price $97.00 USD

This turnkey service is for the non-tech savvy person that wants to use ClickFunnels to increase conversions for online sales, eBook downloads, and event registrations, but doesn't know how to set everything up. 

Use this service to save yourself time, money, and energy, in regards to setting up and connecting everything within ClickFunnels. This service includes the setup of (1) sales funnel within ClickFunnels. We're more than happy to share our screen and walk you through the process so you can set up future funnels without outside help.

This service is a one-time cost and your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. If you'd like continual support and updating of products, services, eBook downloads, and event registrations, please let us know and we'll customize a monthly plan for you.