HubSpot Knowledge Base

HubSpot knowledge base articles for best practice implementation and ongoing strategy.

HubSpot knowledge base articles for best practice implementation and ongoing strategy.

Account & Setup

Account Settings

Add HubSpot users

Export account activity history

Export your content and data

HubSpot user permissions guide

Log in as another HubSpot user

Manage Sales Hub and Service Hub paid seats

Uninstall the HubSpot Sales email extension

View users in your HubSpot account


HubSpot billing and payment | Frequently Asked Questions

View and download your HubSpot invoices and receipts

Connected Email

Add an unsubscribe link to one-to-one emails

Connect your personal email

Install HubSpot Sales for Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook desktop

Sending limits for connected email accounts

Set up the Outlook desktop add-in

Turn off one-to-one email tracking or attachment logging

Understand HubSpot Sales email open and click tracking

Uninstall the HubSpot Sales email extension


Use HubSpot's integration with Zapier

Tracking Code

Customize cookie tracking settings and privacy policy alert

Install the HubSpot tracking code

Track prospects

Track visitors in HubSpot

Chat & Automation

Feedback Surveys

Create and conduct customer loyalty surveys


A guide to the conversations inbox

Set up a customer portal

Set your conversations routing rules


Use if/then branches in bots


Manage workflow settings

Set your workflow enrollment triggers



Add an email signature in the CRM

Select properties to show in the About section on a record

Use lifecycle stages

CRM Setup

Create and customize lifecycle stages

Create and edit properties

Create and use association labels

Create calculation properties

Deduplicate records in HubSpot

Set up default properties sidebars

Set up your import files

Sync ownership between contacts and companies

Use custom objects

Marketing Tools


Ad tracking in HubSpot

Create ads audiences in HubSpot

Target Google ads using HubSpot audiences


Clean up your contact lists to improve email deliverability

Create a global email footer

Create default values for your personalization tokens

Delete contacts who no longer receive your marketing emails

Email error: 'There was an issue sending an email to this contact'

Manage your marketing email account settings

Send emails to contacts that previously bounced

Set up your CAN-SPAM email footer information

Unsubscribe an individual contact from receiving emails

Use a personalized signature in marketing emails


Domains blocked from form submissions

Prevent spam form submissions


Add or remove records from a list

Sales Tools


Use a HubSpot phone number to make and receive calls (BETA)


Create and edit scheduling pages with the meetings tool


Connect payments to the quotes tool

Create and share a payment link

Payments | Frequently asked questions

Manage payments

Manage subscriptions for recurring payments

Set up the payments tool

Products & Quotes

Create and share quotes


Analyze sequence enrollment and performance data

Create an email thread with your sequence

Create and edit sequences

Enroll and unenroll contacts in sequences using workflows


Create and use snippets

Service Tools

Knowledge Base

Customize your knowledge base template



Manage your blog template and settings

Use a featured image in your page or blog post

Domains & URLs

Update your DNS records

Website Pages

Create and customize pages

Edit your favicon

Insert and manage anchor links

Require member registration to access private content

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