How to Create an Automated Marketing Email in HubSpot

This article shares directions for how to create an automated marketing email in HubSpot.

Select the Marketing navigation tab and then select Email in the dropdown.


Select the Create email button.


Select the Automated email button.


Select the Plain email template.


Update the name of the email.

name me

Type, or cut and paste the email verbiage you'd like to include.


Place your cursor where you want to insert your email signature.

insert your email signature

Select Personalize.

select personalize

Choose Contact for the Type.

choose contact

Select Contact owner in the search field.

select contact owner

Select Signature in User property.

select email signature

Select the Insert button.

select insert button

Go to Settings tab.

go to settings

Scroll down the page and update Subscription type.

select subscription type

Fill in From name, From address, and Subject line.


Hit the Save button.



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