use content marketing to sell products and services

Why I Write to Convert Rather Than Educate

use content marketing to sell products and services

People want to buy, so give them what they want. I used to write to educate; now, I write to sell. The reason I switched is that I wasn't selling anything with the content that I created. I was putting in valuable time without any return on investment. I was having people read my content, but then leaving them no clear direction on what logical next step to take.

So what I did to make a difference, is start writing with the intent to sell, rather than solely educate. What this did is change my psychology on how I put together the article. I was still educating with my content; the only difference is that I was providing education around the product or service I wanted to sell.

Do you see what I'm saying here? Pick a product or service you want to sell from your website, then create helpful, useful, timely, relevant, and engaging content around it that will help influence a person to take the next action of buying it from you.

As always, practice writing content, and you'll get better as you go. If you're too busy and feel it'd be more beneficial to outsource article writing, this all-in-one service will be a great fit.