Personal Mindset Activities for Success by Inc. 5000 Winners

Personal Mindset Activities for Success by Inc. 5000 Winners

To make the Inc. 5000 list is a tremendous honor. Every company on the Inc. 5000 list is a shaker-and-mover and has worked smart and hard to get to the top of their game. Great leaders run great companies, and this especially holds true regarding the C-suite of Inc. 5000 companies.

There's no time to drive out of the rearview mirror when you're going 100 MPH forward. That's why there's no one better for early-stage entrepreneurs and startup founders to learn from than the C-suite of current Inc. 5000 leadership companies.

If you want to know what works in terms of personal mindset activities for business success, keep reading, as this article has some of the best insight you'll ever read. Below is a roundup post where some of the top Inc. 5000 leaders share some insider thoughts on how they power through the day while keeping their business in hyper-growth mode.

The question I asked was, "What's one personal mindset activity that you do daily to stay positive?"

Enjoy their answers and look to follow and connect with them on social media so you can continue to learn what works vs. what doesn't. The faster you understand what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, the quicker you'll find success within your business venture.

Remember the Journey
As a young business owner, I can sometimes get caught up in wanting to obtain the next level of success. Sometimes it is important to take a step back and remember the journey it took to get to my current place and that in time with steady focus, I will continue to achieve all I want. It is important to remember to give yourself credit for what has been accomplished thus far and then recognize you can obtain any future you want by continued commitment.

Jared Brachfeld -

Decide to Win
It was a switch that finally hit me. I am a practicing physician and I finally realized that fear dictated my financial decisions and helped me back from my potential. Once I decided to win rather than not to lose, the whole world opened up.

Thomas Black -

Spend Time Together
I don't let a day pass without spending time with my wife, and that means without a phone in my pocket or a screen in front of me. Not just being in the same room, each focused on our work but really spending time doing something together. Whether we walk our dog or work out together outside, or just take a long walk on the beach, few things relax me more and give me a more positive outlook on life.

Liviu Tanase -

Celebrate Success
I remind myself daily to be happy and to celebrate our successes, to prepare for our future challenges, and to remember that even when the night seems darkest, there will be another sunrise and new opportunities. The true test of a leader's character and mettle is not what one does when everything is going well, but what one does when the path ahead looks difficult and things aren't working well in the short-term.

Bruce Floersheim -

Continue to Improve
Each morning, before I start work, I remind myself that every day is a new day, full of possibilities and opportunities to improve upon the day before. I've found that by maintaining an optimistic spirit in my work, there is no challenge that can't be overcome.

Adam Shepherd -

Make a Difference
I stay positive just by continuing to grind every day. I don't like to let anybody down, so that's why I fit everything I can within the 24 hours of every day that I can, because we all have that same time. It's just how you use it. When I see how my business, POWERHOME SOLAR, is making a difference in the lives of our customers and employees, that feeling is very special. Even better is when complete strangers tell me that they're motivated or moved by something I said on my True Underdog podcast or on social media. Everything I do adds to feeding positivity into my life and shows me that what I do makes a difference.

Jayson Waller -

Remain Positive
I replay our annual & long-term goals in my head each day. As the leader of a fast-growing business, I have to remain positive to set an example for our team, and my focus on our short & long-term goals helps keep all the daily challenges in perspective.

Mark Nelson -

Focus on the Positive
Keeping a positive outlook is one of the most important steps that someone can take to continue innovating and driving their industry forward. I take the time each day to take note of ways that our team is succeeding and overcoming obstacles, keeping a focus on the positive while also identifying opportunities for future improvement.

Chad Jenkins -

Provide Positive Feedback
A positive outlook is a choice that you can always make. One of the best tools I use is sending positive vibes "PV's" to our employees. Every day I call, email, or text employees providing positive feedback. I also believe and practice doing random acts of kindness. There is scientific proof kindness increases happiness for yourself and the people around you. Be Kind!

Ted Tanner -

Visualize the Day
I visualize the day as soon as I wake up and remember that it's not about me. It's about family and the employees. This tends to keep me right on track.

Kevin Turrisi -

Clear Your Mind
I practice yoga every day, even if it's just a quick 20 min I get it in, and I find that focusing on the postures and breathing allows me to clear my mind of the continuous racing related to all things associated with the office and our facilities.

Brendan Heegan -

Keep Running
Each morning I run between 3-6 miles, which helps me get into a positive mindset for the day, and it bolsters my productivity. I also employ OCD like management on my email so I have a clear view of what needs to be dealt with, and I also utilize flags/follow-ups to track initiatives and to ensure my team is staying on track. Parallel to that, I never wake up and wonder how I will be spending my time that day - instead I keep a running list (in email) that breaks down each future day, and what I am working on during which minutes of my day, down to as little as 15-minute increments. This helps me stay focused and ensures I am moving through what needs to be advanced within my org, opposed to being reactive to what pops up. Sometimes my list will include daily breakdowns up to 2+ weeks out.

Alex Goldstein -

Write a Gratitude List
One of my favorite daily morning practices to help create a positive mindset is to write down 3 things that I am grateful for. This gratitude practice keeps me positive.

Jeanne David -

I meditate on the following guiding principles 1) stay humble 2) keep hungry 3) cultivate emotional intelligence. Every day I build a plan around these guiding principles and take on the most difficult part of the day first. As Mark Twain once said, "If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first."

Magdiel Rodriguez -

Create Positive Energy
Optimism is a renewable resource. It is the primary muscle that drives success. And like any muscle, it needs the right exercise, rest, and nutrition to thrive. To build my optimism, I try to get a "small win" at the start and end of each day. This reinforces my confidence that I can overcome adversity. I start my days with either exercise, study, or writing. I end each day with either meditation, a nighttime nature walk, or reading. I do whatever is going to give me the most positive energy in that moment. It is my time to recharge myself, so I can spend the rest of my day in service to others.

Olin Hyde -

There you have them, all the positive mindset skills needed to help you get to the top of your business game. Now it's time for you to get into action and blend up your own recipe for success. Put together a plan, dream big, get a mentor or accountability coach, and go out and make it happen for YOU.

A big thank you to all the Inc. 5000 contributors. The work you're doing in business is truly making an impact for future generations.

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