how to stop watching and start doing instead

How to Stop Watching and Start Doing Instead

how to stop watching and start doing instead


We live in a world with the constant bombardment of feeling less than or inadequate. In business, all we hear about are the success stories, and in our personal lives, all we see online are beautiful people, doing great things all over the world. It's time to stop watching and start doing things yourself instead. I know for me, I'm tired of hearing about someone else's success — good for them, but I'm making my path to success and doing it my way. If anything, other people can watch me.

Now that I have you all fired up and ready to go, you most likely want to know how I stopped watching and propelled myself into action. Below are several essential action mindset traits that I practiced daily to make the shift. If I can do it, coming from where I did, you can do it as well. Commit right now to stop watching and start doing today instead.

Start Your Day Out With a Positive Thought

Every great day I've had has started with a positive thought. I can tell you the exact opposite as well. Every bad day I've had has started with negative thinking. So I committed myself to start every day out with a positive thought because I know when I do this, no matter what happens, good or bad, I'm going to make the best of the situation. Even better, if you study greatness, you'll see that great people have great thoughts, and the reason they do, is because they set themselves up for success correctly before their feet even hit the floor in the morning.

Do What Naturally Makes You Feel Good

I'm talking about doing things that enrich your life, not about using drugs, alcohol, or warped relationships to help yourself feel better. Fill your life with people that help you feel good. Look at your friends and the people that you hang around right now, "Are they good people that you'd like to introduce to other people, or are they people that are doing negative things, and that you don't want anyone to meet?" If your unhappy with what you're doing right now and your surroundings, commit to change them. No one in this world says that you have to do something that you don't like, but here's the catch, "You may have to do something you don't like for a short period so that you can get to do what ultimately makes you feel good." For example, you may not like school, but you realize that you need to have a particular type of degree to do what you love.

Slow Down to Speed Up

Yes, this may sound strange, but if you think about it for a few minutes, it will make total sense. Running, running, running, makes you lose focus on what's important to you. Slow down, make a commitment to do less, and whatever you ultimately do decide to focus on, put forth your maximum effort there. I'm sure you've met a person that sprouts out tons of great ideas, but never actually takes the next step with any of them — this is a person that needs to slow down and focus so that they can speed up. Jumping all over the place and never putting forth extended effort into anything, will never lead to outstanding results.

Great Results Come From Great Effort

Without effort, you don't stand a chance. I'll even go one further, without great effort, you don't stand a chance. Just watch a sports game or any other type of competition, and you'll see that a particular player may not have the same skill set level of another player, but if their effort is through the roof, they quickly make up for their skill set shortfalls. Putting forth effort, without fully knowing whether a reward is coming, is another excellent mindset trait to have. Many people won't go out of their way and put forth an extreme effort, without knowing what they're going to get at the end. Lack of effort is one reason you don't see everyone having success in what they set out to achieve. It takes a strong person, with a forward-thinking mind, to put forth great effort. Be that person.

Stop Waiting for Perfection

Perfection may never come, so sometimes you're just going to have to go with what you have in front of you at that moment in time. Letting paralysis by analysis take over is ridiculous. So what if something isn't perfect — if you put forth your best effort, and spent all the time and money available to present the best product or service — there's not much more you can ask for from the situation. Yes, I get it, if you're shooting short videos or building a website, of course, you want it to look like the beautifully done site you see when you go to one of the top brands in the world, but please understand, the cost may be prohibitive. Just do the best you can with what you have while keeping your eye on the ultimate goal, and you'll eventually get there.

There you have them — the vital action mindset traits I implemented to stop watching and start doing instead. Remember, what you choose to do with your life is up to you. You can make the most of it by taking action and living a life of fulfillment, or you can do exactly opposite, and live a life of watching other people take action and accomplishing things in their lives. For me, I chose to take action, and the rewards of success have been great. The road hasn't always been easy, and sometimes I even wanted to quit along the way, but I'm so thankful that I stuck through it all and was able to come out with a ton of positive experiences. Like I shared above, if I did it, you can do it as well — so dump any excuses you have and jump into action right now.