How to Continue to Increase Revenue in an Online World

How to Continue to Increase Revenue in an Online World

How to Continue to Increase Revenue in an Online World

Every company is looking for ways to increase revenue in an online world. Doing business how you did it a year ago, or even a few months ago, is not going to get you to where you want to go in terms of sales. The only way to continue to increase revenue is to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing marketplace.

Below are a handful of suggestions that will, without a doubt, help you transition to an online world.

Host a Virtual Open House 1x per Week

Use Eventbrite to create a running invitation. Put in the next 3-months of dates, so if a person isn't able to make a specific time, they have other options and can lock in their availability right then.

Use Short Form Video

Share out videos both organically and paid. Use 15-second ThruPlay video ads on Facebook. The cost is low, and the engagement is high. Also, share out longer-form videos, i.e., 45-60 seconds across all the social channels.

Put Phone Number in a Prevelant Spot

People are more likely to call today because they're not setting up in-person meetings as much. Make sure your phone number is easy to see and accepts text messages. Using Google Voice is a great idea.

Answer All Messages On Social Media

People leave messages on social channels all the time. Answer every message quickly. Treat a social message like an inbound opt-in form. Be available to answer questions in the evening and on the weekends, when people are shopping.

Get Employees to Share Information

The secret gem is asking your employees to reshare the information that you've invested in creating. Each social post reshare from employees extends your organic reach exponentially. Make it enticing and exciting for employees to reshare information so that they actually participate.

The best action you can take now, is to put the suggestions shared above into action. To increase revenue in an online world takes strategy, not luck. Now that you have the strategy laid out for you, go out and execute the plan.