Advanced Personalized BDR Outreach

Advanced Personalized BDR Outreach

In terms of advanced personalized BDR outreach, taking a few minutes to perform a bit of discovery will pay big dividends. Yes, this is tough to do with massive amounts of new contact volume, but in the beginning, while the volume is relatively low, you can easily manage this submarine dive research strategy. Even as your business grows, the opportunity to continue personalized BDR outreach will be available; it's just going to take a larger team.

Make the 1st BDR Outreach Hit Close to Home

The idea is to make that first personalized outreach hit so close to home, that the new contact feels compelled to speak with you.

So here are a few suggestions:

For any new "Free Account" contact created in your CRM, i.e., HubSpot, Salesforce, Copper, Insightly, etc., do a reverse search on their email domain and see what services and/or products they provide.

The Free Account Follow Up Message Example

Personalize a quick message to them saying something like,

"Great to see you signed up for a free account, I checked out your website, and it looks like you'd be a great fit for the services [insert your company name] provides. I'd love to catch up with you to share a handful of ways that businesses in your market segment are best utilizing our platform to [insert how you're going to help their business]. Feel free to book a time on my [insert calendar link], so we can catch up. Looking forward to our conversation."

Another fantastic idea is to put their domain into and see what technologies they're using. You can get a good idea of what platform their website is built on, what types of ad services they're using, email marketing service providers, and so much more.

The Technology Lookup Follow Up Message Example

Personalize a quick message to them saying something like,

"Great to see you signed up for a free account. I did some quick research and saw that you're using the [insert discovered technology] with [insert another discovered technology]. Using our [insert your business name] advanced services compliments both of the technologies you're already using. Customers that use [insert discovered technology], [insert another discovered technology], and [insert your business name], see [insert a number or action they're expected to receive]."

When you reach out in a highly personalized manner, throwing in some "I know what you use, and I'm going to provide some add-on value to it" always provides a strong starting point.

BDR Initial Outreach Needs to Start Strong

Getting out of the gates strong with initial BDR outreach changes the playing field. To succeed, the BDR needs to immediately position themselves, and the company they work for, as the influential and authoritative resource that's going to help the new contact's business.

If a person doesn't respond to your initial personalized outreach, drop them into an educational drip sequence where you can bring them closer to you over time. Be sure to use the data and analytics from your website to look for easy upsell opportunities.

For example,

"A person signed up for a free account and keeps abandoning at cart checkout. Reach out to them, see what's preventing them from moving forward, and walk them through the complete process from start to finish, and yes, this means having them click the "buy now" button."

This is data collection at its finest. Data sells, and when BDRs use it properly, tremendous increases in revenue occur.

Here's another example,

"A person is a power user and is one of your best customers. Reach out to them, ask them to be on a webinar as a guest presenter, or ask them if they'd be interested in providing a professional customer testimonial in exchange for a discount on products and/or services."

There Are Tons of Ways for BDR Outreach To Be Effective

The sky's the limit. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

If there's one point I'd love to drive home is that with any BDR outreach, it must be about the customer and how you're product and/or service is going to benefit them directly. All new prospects want to know, is how what you provide is going to help them.

The faster you come out and say,

"this is what our product and/or service does, this is how it's going to benefit you directly, and this is how much it's going to cost to get started,"

the faster you're going to move to the next stage, which is for the prospect to click the "buy now" or "subscribe now" button.

A good example is,

"We make it dead simple to [insert what your product or service does] for your prospects and customers. The benefit of [insert your product or service description] is that you're going to have a [insert stat] and [payoff statement], which is going to give your business [insert additional payoff statement], while naturally [insert the bang payoff]. The cost is [insert dollar amount], and you can expect a [insert number] return on investment."

It doesn't get much simpler or direct than this. Taking the direct path and hitting prospects right between the eyes is always best. There's no sense in beating around the bush.

Here Are a Few Different Timing Sequences for Advanced BDR Outreach

*These can be automated or done manually, depending on circumstances.

Day 1 - Auto email sent as normal for new account creation
Day 1 - BDR personalized outreach

*You want to double-dip and get in their inbox 2 times immediately

Day 3 - If personalized demo has been setup
  • Make sure contact is tagged properly in HubSpot
  • If contact did not 1-call close, and they're qualified, create a deal in HubSpot
  • Continue to track deal and follow up in personalized manner
  • If contact becomes unreachable, add them to education campaign, mark deal as "unable to contact"
  • Create recurring tasks to follow up personally every 30-45 days
Day 3 - If contact has not set up a personalized demo
  • Place a call to them (if they pick up, create deal or new task in Hubspot) (if they don't pick up, leave a message)
Day 7 - If contact is on the run and unreachable
  • Put one more personalized email out to them. Be sure to use the submarine discovery strategy shared above
Day 10 - If still no contact
  • Drop them into an educational campaign to bring them along over the next month or two

Marketing Sequences Work

Everything in marketing comes down to sequences. It's rare that a person is going to get 1-touch and come onboard. It takes multiple touches, from numerous sources, over particular time periods. The faster you get people to run through your marketing sequences, the faster they'll become paying customers. Master the rinse and repeat behavior once the recipe for success is determined in terms of BDR outreach and sequencing.

Brandon Schaefer: Sales Training