5 Simple Steps to Negotiate a Higher Salary

5 Simple Steps to Negotiate a Higher Salary

Every business wants employees that show up daily and put forth maximum effort. DAILY and EFFORT being the magic words here. If you're doing both of these, you're most likely going to have the advantage when you go in to negotiate a higher salary. If you're lacking and slacking with showing up and effort, it may be a good idea for you to hold off on asking for a higher salary.

Negative Equations

It's not hard to understand what I'm talking about here. Below are 2 simple equations you must know before setting out to negotiate a higher salary.

No EFFORT equals no increase in pay.
No SHOWING UP equals no increase in pay.

Negotiating a higher salary isn't rocket science. It's straightforward when you've put the WORK IN. Again, I'm going to go back to showing up daily and busting your hump when you're there. Leaders love employees that they can count on and that they know will not leave them high and dry.

Use Creative Ways

You have to understand from a scientific viewpoint; it's natural that people tend to like other people that are POSITIVE and that they often see in their lives. This means that as an employee looking to negotiate a higher salary, you're going to need to find a handful of creative ways to get in front of the person who's ultimately going to decide whether your salary is increased or not.

Understanding who makes the ultimate decision is key. Who you currently think is in charge of the decision-making process, may not actually be in the end. The best way to know is to open your eyes and ears, watch how things are fun around the office, and then ask smart questions that ELICIT the answers you're looking to find out.

The bottom line is, to negotiate a higher salary, you need to do the 5 simple steps shared below.

You need to SHOW UP daily.
You need to put forth MAXIMUM effort.
You need to find the ultimate DECISION MAKER.
You need to get FACETIME.
You need to present STRONG value when asking.

Whether you believe it or not, the squeaky wheel does get the grease. Now here's the magical part about that phrase, the squeaky wheel that shows up DAILY, stays POSITIVE, and puts forth MAXIMUM effort, is 10x more likely to get the salary increase they deserve.

Be Truthful with Yourself
On the other hand, the squeaky wheel that's lacking and slacking with showing up and effort, won't stand a chance when it comes to negotiating a higher salary. It comes down to being truthful with yourself. You know whether you're putting the hard work in or not. If you're 100% honest with yourself, ask for the salary increase, and if they don't give it to you, maybe your current employment opportunity isn't the ultimate best long-term situation for you.

There's a whole world out there, and it's really big with tons of opportunity, so if a company doesn't see your worth, I assure you that there's a company that will if you're the type of employee that shows up DAILY and puts forth maximum EFFORT.

Positive Equations

Now, let me switch around the 2 equations to reflect a positive outcome.

EFFORT equals increase in pay.
SHOWING UP equals increase in pay.

My suggestions are that if you're doing the right things to continually be awarded salary increases, keep doing them, and if not, start taking the 5 actions shared above, give it some time, then look to negotiate a higher salary. It works better when you have a proven track record, and the decision-maker knows who you are and likes the effort and enthusiasm you show up with DAILY. 

*This sales training article was written by Brandon Schaefer and can be used in your training sessions by licensing the content.