3 Steps to Customer Relationship Excellence

3 Steps to Customer Relationship Excellence

There's never been a more important time than right now to put your business on the map. If you've been working hard and spending your money, but you haven't been getting the results, implement the 3 steps to customer relationship excellence shared below. Without a doubt, they'll help you get headed in the right direction again.

Set Expectations
You have to set the expectations correctly from the very start. Whatever you say you're going to deliver, you must come through. If you say you're going to do something 5x per day, then do it 5x per day. It doesn't matter what you're doing; make sure both the customer and your team understand the exact deliverables and when they need to be delivered.

Provide Daily Updates
It's great that your team is doing the work, but if a customer doesn't know what you're doing, it will always be an uphill communication battle. Be smart and find a way to share all the great work you're doing with your customers. Better yet, rather than you reaching out to provide the update, give your customers a portal and automate the process so they can log in and see the information that's of interest to them.

Provide Detailed Reporting
If there's one thing that customers want, it's reporting. The difference-maker that will take a small company and make it big is providing value through reporting. If you're not able to prove your worth, the customer will eventually cancel working with you, and that's not going to be good if it happens with a few of your larger customers. Automate the reporting process whenever possible to maximize efficiency, as reporting can take a bunch of time to put together.

Hopefully, you see some value in the 3 customer relationship excellence steps shared above. Running a business is no-nonsense. You have to be strategic with the way you do things, and you have to be smart about proving your worth by providing detailed reporting. The truth is in the reports, and the customer wants to know the truth, so make sure your reporting is accurate and easy to access.

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