3 Quick Steps to Convert a Prospect to a Customer

3 Quick Steps to Convert a Prospect to a Customer

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Working hard to get in front of a prospect is 1/2 the battle, the other 1/2 is getting them to convert once you do meet with them. In today's business environment, prospects already know what they want; and they're only looking for the sales rep to validate their feelings.

Getting off to a strong start is crucial. It's at this initial swing point i.e., beginning of the meeting, that deals are typically lost or won. Top tier sales reps master the start of the meeting, and they do it by utilizing three quick steps, which I've shared with you below.

Know Your Stuff

You have to know what you're talking about; trying to fake it or wing it is not going to work, and it's only going to make you look foolish. You have to command the meeting by sharing helpful, useful, real-life experiences, and success stories to grab the prospect's attention. The better you know your stuff, the more successful you're going to be, there's no other way around it.

Solve the Immediate Need

Talk about what's important to the prospect right away. If a prospect needs water, then talk about how you can help them get water as fast as humanly possible, not about how photosynthesis creates water. People want what they want when they want it, so give it to them. Always solve the immediate pressing need first. You can always circle back and discuss a more viable long-term solution once the initial sale is complete.

Bring the Value

Value is where you're going to make money. There are most likely several products or services similar to yours, so you need to know what your competitive differences are, and you need to drill home on your strengths. Knowing your value is going to come down to you, putting the time in to do your research and understand what not only you provide, but what you're competition offers, is either going to make or break you. Know your competition just as much as you know your product.

There you have them, three quick steps to convert a prospect to a customer. Look at these steps as your 1-2-3 punch to increase your conversions. Always be sure to make your prospect's interest, your interest, and to help make them look good during the sales process.