3 Questions to Create a Quick and Strong Elevator Pitch

3 Questions to Create a Quick and Strong Elevator Pitch

Stop messing around with your elevator pitch messaging and be quick and strong with your delivery instead. The people you're calling on don't have the time or patience for you to babble. The best action you can take to gain interest immediately is to be so brief and precise that the person doesn't even have time to think about hanging up the phone or not continuing to read the email you've sent.

Creating a Quick and Strong Elevator Pitch

To achieve a quick and strong elevator pitch, simply answer the 3 questions below.

What do you have?
What's the cost?
What are the expected results?

You're not telling a story with your elevator pitch; you're simply shooting off a display of perfectly choreographed fireworks in a quick and deliberate manner to gain interest.

Elevator Pitch Example

Take the quick and strong elevator pitch example below and tweak it to match your product and service.

"I have a monthly lawn fertilization service that makes your grass look beautiful all year round. The cost is $75 per month, and you can expect plush green grass 365 days of the year."

The more straightforward, direct, and shorter elevator pitches always win. That's because they make sense. The mistake that people make when creating their elevator pitch is they get caught up in what's important to them, not what's important to the customer.

Simply answer the 3 questions every customer wants to know and be quick about it. Just like this article. No junk, no fluff, no filler, just solid content.

*This sales training article was written by Brandon Schaefer and can be used in your training sessions by licensing the content.