Why Your Business Needs To Write Content

Why Your Business Needs To Write Content

Google is a content digesting machine. What this means for your business is that if you want to get found, you need to write content. The business market segment you're in doesn't matter. The fact that you're writing content does. Creating helpful, useful, timely, and relevant written content works best. The one-and-done type of work ethic doesn't work.

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Think about Google for a moment. You enter what you're searching for, Google then queries its database of content and then presents back what it feels is the most relevant to your search term. This simple explanation is precisely why you want to write content. If you're not writing content, you have no chance to get found. If you have no chance to get found, it will be difficult for your business to grow.

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Running online ads for your business is almost a necessity today. Unfortunately, there's a high cost to run ads, and without the proper setup, you're going to waste a bunch of money and complain that online ads don't work. On the other hand, when you write content, you can get found online organically, creating an investment that will yield your business positive results for years to come.

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Written content doesn't have to be anything lengthy, extravagant, or amazingly formatted. It just needs to answer the most pressing questions people ask when performing Google searches. The more precise your content, the better. Less is more when people are searching for answers. They're usually in a rush and just want to find what they want to find. If your content provides what they need, they'll remember you and come back and visit your site next time they need information.

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The bottom line is you need to get found online if your business is going to be successful. Writing content is one way to get found organically on Google, and that's the method I'm suggesting here. Look at sites like SBA.gov and SCORE.org as solid reference points for well-written content. Remember, you'll never finish if you don't start, and you'll never get found if you don't show up.