Why Email Marketing is Becoming Outdated

Why Email Marketing is Becoming Outdated

Email marketing is becoming outdated because AI spam filters have become more intelligent than the senders. Yes, using a tool like Omnisend's email subject line tester, or any of the others mentioned in HubSpot's 12 Subject Line Tester Tools to Boost Your Email Open Rate article, does give you a little bit of competitive advantage, but it still doesn't mean your email is going to land in the receivers inbox.

Additional Issues for Email Marketers

Compounding the issue for email marketers is that the systems that they've relied on for years, like SendGridConstantContactMailchimpHubspot, and many others, are now saying,

"You need to keep your open rate high and your unsubscribe rate low."

Otherwise, we're going to shut you down from sending from our platform.

Email Marketing Continues to Get More Difficult

So for email marketers, the road continues to get more complicated on both the receiving and sending end.

It's not going to get any better; rules will get more strict, AI will get even better than what it is today, and there's no way around it for email marketers.

On top of this, our younger generation looks at email as ancient and prefers to use direct messaging on social media apps, such as InstagramSnapchat, and WhatsApp instead.

Brands that transition from legacy email marketing strategies to instant messaging and social platform initiatives will quickly gain a competitive edge while increasing market share among younger generations.

The idea for email marketers is not to stop running successful campaigns; the idea is to start to think differently about how you're going to continue to connect with current and new audiences.

Net-New Business Will Drive the Future

If there's one thing we all know, it's that net-new business is more important than ever. Without net-new business, revenue growth stalls, and competition starts to take over.

Savvy email marketing teams are now using multi-touch data points to create messaging that resonates directly with a buyer persona on their platform of choice.

Using CRM tools like SalesforceHubSpot, and Zoho, marketers can gather intelligence from multiple touchpoints online, store it in one central repository, and trigger if-this-then-that automated workflows to increase ROI exponentially.

Marketing automation that combines all types of messaging and communication platforms is the wave of the future.

If your email marketing strategy is in the tank as of late, and you're the one in charge, reach out to the team at Simple Business Help as they'll integrate the latest in marketing technology so you can get back to the results you're used to having.