Lead Generation (Identify, Education, Sell)

Lead Generation (Identify, Education, Sell)

To start things out, keep lead generation simple by sticking to the (Identify, Education, Sell) method. It's worked for the world's most recognized brands, and it will work for you as well.

The key is actually taking the time to get things set up. Once you do, you'll be off to the races. If you don't have the time or internal staff, check out SimpleBusinessHelp.com to get set up with a turnkey solution that does everything for you.

Step 1: Identify

Select a company size, market segment, and contact type you want to target.

For example:

Company is HQ in Indiana
Company has 50+ employees
Company does 5M-75M in annual revenue

Contact target is IT Manager or IT Director

Company must be in the healthcare, manufacturing, or retail car sales market segment

Enter the discovered information into a Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel sheet for upload to CRM of choice.

Bonus: Hubspot.com, Copper.com, and Salesforce.com are all great solutions.

Bonus: Use ZoomInfo.com and DNB.com to export lists. Both are paid options and can be expensive.

Columns can include:

First name:
Last name:
Direct phone:
Company name:
Market segment:
Job title or role:

Step 2: Education

Once the companies and contacts have been uploaded to the CRM, run a 3-part drip series marketing campaign, followed by a live phone call. Whatever sequence you'd like to run is fine. The most important part is that it's done in a sequential, clearly defined order. Most people do between 3-7 touches in a 21-day period.

Bonus: Use the automation feature in Hubspot.com to set up sequences that run 24/7 365. Pricing can be expensive. It's worth every penny when used properly.

Bonus: Mailchimp.com and ConstantContact.com are fantastic email marketing tools to check out as well.

Creating short-form written blog content as well as video content is an excellent means of educating a prospect.

Bonus: Upload content to LinkedIn.com, Instagram.com, and YouTube.com to gain additional exposure.

Step 3: Sell

Provide the next logical step for the identified and educated prospect by putting a simple call-to-action in front of them. Nothing too crazy, just a simple way for the prospect to start using your products and services.

Bonus: Use ClickFunnels.com, Unbounce.com, or Hubspot.com to build simple landing pages that convert.

Wrapping Up

Rinse and repeat whenever you need to generate new leads. There's no magic to it. All it takes is smart, diligent, consistent effort doing what works best.

Bonus: Reach out to SimpleBusinessHelp.com to start using their turnkey lead generation service.

The (Identify, Education, Sell) lead generation works, so use it to your advantage. There's no reason to reinvent the wheel. Just do what works and do it well.