5 Ways to Implement AI at Your Small Business

5 Ways to Implement AI at Your Small Business

If you're a small business owner that's interested in integrating AI technology, but you're not sure exactly how or where to start, this article is perfect for you.

AI Made Easy for You Small Business

The great part about AI is that you don't need to be a brand like Amazon, Google, or Facebook, to implement this new technology; what you need to be, is just willing to try something different. If you need help with any of the small business AI strategies shared below, please book a technology procurement consultation.

Use a Chatbot

Utilizing a chatbot is by far the easiest and most popular at the moment. You see chatbots all over the place, but you most likely don't think twice about them being an AI initiative. A chatbot is a simple tool utilized to perform simple conversation starters on websites or social media channels to answer first-level questions and to route a person to the right person or department. Chatbots are great to use in customer service as they're available 24 hours a day. Everyone wants ASAP accessibility.

Automate CRM Information

With a few tweaks to your CRM (customer relationship management) tool, when a prospect or client calls in for information, the customer service agent will quickly be presented with all relevant information related to the conversation topic. Receiving real-time customer information so that they can solve the problem or get the client what they're looking for faster. No client wants to wait a day to get information; they want it at their fingertips when they want it.

Reference Questions

Every business gets asked the same questions, time and time again, and implementing AI can automate that entire process for you. What you'd do is answer all of the most commonly asked questions and enter them into a central repository. Then when a conversation begins, the customer service agent, or interested person i.e., prospect or client, will be presented with the most timely and relevant answers. The faster people get what they want, the happier they're going to be.

Marketing Initiatives

Implementing AI technology into your marketing initiatives is a great idea. Setting up "if this, then that" type workflows, is the best place to start. For example, a prospect or customer visits your website; you'd use AI technology to show them the most relevant information at that moment in time. Then your AI workflow will continue to deliver them remarketing collateral until they take the next logical step you want them to take so that you can get the sale.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

All major brands use AI to optimize their digital advertising campaigns, and your small business can as well; all you need to do is go to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, create an ad and let AI take over. The one point I'd like to make with AI in terms of digital marketing is that the more specific you get with your audiences, and the more relevant the information is to the audience you're delivering the content to, the stronger your ROI will be.

Implementing AI at Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you're going to want to stick to the basics of AI and not get too heavily invested in anything too crazy. The best option is to utilize the most popular SaaS and advertising platforms that have already invested in AI technology, and now offer what they've built in a nice, easy to use, package. In simple terms, they've done the heavy lifting already, so it's better to pay a bit of money and utilize their technology investment instead of investing in your own. If you need help with any of the small business AI strategies shared above, please book a technology procurement consultation.