3 Step Marketing Sequence That Includes Telemarketing

3 Step Marketing Sequence That Includes Telemarketing

Telemarketing alone will not get you new business. The chances of you calling someone cold on the phone and them immediately purchasing your product or service are almost 0. What you need to do instead is have a specific marketing sequence that includes telemarketing as part of the overall strategy.

Great telemarketing plans start with the pre-work of identifying the right audience and then getting educational information in front of them. Once the information has been delivered, then you have your telemarketing team reach out. After your telemarketing team has reached out, then you provide the call-to-action to the prospect.

Example of 3 Step Marketing Sequence That Includes Telemarketing

Step No. 1: Identification and education
Step No. 2: Telemarketing
Step No. 3: Follow up with call-to-action

Having your telemarketing team calling out of the blue is like calling another country that doesn't speak your native language to order food. The conversation is going to be confusing, and the result is not going to be positive.

Running a 3-step marketing sequence will save you time and money while making a massive impact.

Recap of 3 Step Marketing Sequence That Includes Telemarketing

Step No. 1: Educate the identified audience
Step No. 2: Call the identified people
Step No. 3: Send them to a website that tracks visits

As a bonus, set up a retargeting audience in Google Ads or Facebook Ads to keep your content in front of them.

There has to be a method to your madness with marketing. Throwing spaghetti up against the wall and hoping for the best is not a marketing strategy.

Getting hyperfocused is what's going to get you above average marketing results. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Getting a marketing roadmap laid out to follow is a big step in the right direction. If you take a left when you're supposed to take a right, you're going to get lost, and when you get lost in marketing, you waste valuable money.

The magic is in the marketing sequence. Doing just telemarketing, you're going to sell yourself short. Just think of a beautiful flower. It takes a seed, good soil, water, and the sun to grow. That's its sequence for growth success. The same holds true for marketing success. No one activity will get the job done. It's a culmination of marketing activities working together that will get you the desired results.

If you're tired of messing around with sub-par marketing and you're ready to commit to investing time and money into getting things set up correctly, grab a 45-minute consultation with our team. It will be one of the most valuable investments you ever make.