10 Marketing Services to Use Congruently to Drive Maximum ROI

10 Marketing Services to Use Congruently to Drive Maximum ROI

10 Marketing Services to Use Congruently to Drive Maximum ROI

There's no time to sit back in business and wait to see what the competition is doing. You have to dictate the pace and quickly develop a relatable brand that provides excellent products or services.

People are bombarded with information online, so consistency is critical. There's no turning the lights on and off like your electricity. Marketing has to be 24/7 365 to be effective.

Sequencing Marketing Services

The fastest way to get traction and get ahead of the competition is by sequencing marketing efforts. In short, this means utilizing 5-10 different content marketing methods and syncing them up, so you're continually in front of your target audience online.

Below are 10 marketing services to use congruently to drive maximum ROI.

1. Get a Marketing Plan Tailored to Your Business Goals

We'll deliver your business a tailored marketing plan. There are 3 steps to this service. Step 1 is an initial 45-minute Zoom conversation so we can learn more about your business. Step 2 is when we do the work in putting together a detailed written marketing strategy for your business to implement. Step 3 is the follow-up Zoom conversation where we drill down and explain the importance of doing each of the recommended steps in the provided marketing action plan.

2. Write Content to Sell Products and Services

You give us the products you want to sell, and we'll create compelling CTA (call to action) content around them. The articles will quickly educate a consumer on the value and urgency of why they need to take action right now.

3. Create Daily Sequence to Maximize Business

We'll create a daily sequence to maximize productivity and profitability. Having a crystal clear daily plan of action is vital to business success.

4. Deliver Short-Form Video Training

We'll include you in our short-form video mastermind sessions where members share their experiences, learn what to do to drive better results, and share feedback. This group moves fast and will increase your comfort level when producing short-form video. We'll also keep you accountable for producing videos on a weekly basis.

5. Create Blog Article to Increase Engagement and Sales

We'll create a unique blog article that's helpful, useful, timely, and relevant to your specific market segment, naturally increasing product awareness and additional sales opportunities.

6. Create and Send Email Newsletters

We'll create and send email newsletters to increase engagement and sell more of your products and services. We support all email marketing services, i.e., Marketo, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, plus many more.

7. Set Up Eventbrite Invitation

Include image, update description, link to Zoom meeting, and publish the event to increase ticket sales.

8. Run LinkedIn Content Advocacy Program

You've invested time and money into creating content for your company. Now it's time to get that information shared out. You can go the paid route through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., or you can go the organic way by asking employees to participate in a social media advocacy program.

Paid ads are like turning on the water faucet. When you stop paying, the traffic stops. With employee advocacy, your social influence will continue to build and grow as the consistent content gets shared out on a planned schedule. Running a social advocacy program for employees helps increase authority and influence for each of the participating employees as well. It's a win-win as Zig Ziglar said long ago.

9. Create Monthly Social Media Marketing Calendar

We'll create a daily social media marketing calendar highlighting the most important days and weeks in any given month so that you can create market-specific content around those events.

10. Create and Manage Social Media Ads

We'll create social media ads and manage the monthly budget. Supported channels include Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, plus more. Weekly reporting and updates to ads will be made based upon analytics. Ad spend for this program needs to be between $7,000 - $10,000 per month.

Summary of Marketing Services

Picking out a handful of the above marketing services and using them congruently will drive the best ROI. You have to diversify your marketing efforts to increase authority and influence. If you're not sure what to do or how to do it, reach out, and we'll connect you with one of our marketing specialists that will help explain everything and get you set up for success.