10 Hyperlocal Marketing Programs for Business Growth

10 Hyperlocal Marketing Programs for Business Growth

Reaching your hyperlocal market is vital to continued business success. No one source is going to get the job done. Businesses used to run one ad in the newspaper, and that was enough. Today, you need to have your business seen across several marketing mediums, consistently, over extended periods.

Invest in Hyperlocal Marketing

Those businesses that invest in hyperlocal marketing are undoubtedly investing in their future revenue growth. Strategic hyperlocal marketing works best when performed in a specific sequential order, very similar to computer programming, where the next activity leads to the following action and continues to build.

All of the hyperlocal services shared below will help increase exposure and conversions for your business. They'll also help build authority and influence, which in turn will position your business as the go-to resource in your market segment.

Primary Marketing Goals

Below are a few primary marketing goals that every business is looking to achieve.

Goal 1: Increase sales

Goal 2: Build brand awareness

Goal 3: Stay in front of target audience

Goal 4: Increase talent recruiting efforts

Goal 5: Continue to educate audience

Below are 10 hyperlocal marketing programs that will help you achieve your goals.

No. 1: Support hyperlocal outdoor signage relationships - $75 per month

No. 2: Support hyperlocal online parenting websites - $75 per month

No. 3: Support hyperlocal online PR and news sources - $75 per month

No. 4: Support hyperlocal online ad campaigns - $1,950.00 per month

No. 5: Support hyperlocal SEO brand awareness - $250 per month

No. 6: Support hyperlocal social media posting - $250 per month

No. 7: Support hyperlocal identification of target prospects - $750 per month

No. 8: Support hyperlocal community partnerships - $75 per month

No. 9: Support hyperlocal video and written content - $1,000 per month

No. 10: Support hyperlocal email marketing communication - $450 per month

BONUS: Support hyperlocal text marketing - $450 per month

*Additional ad and marketing spend will need to be factored into the budget as well.

Getting creative with your marketing efforts while making it easy for people to get in touch with you to take the next logical step in either learning more or making a purchase are essential components of successful hyperlocal marketing campaigns.

Hyperlocal Marketing Program Partnership

At Simple Business Help, we're more than happy to support your hyperlocal marketing programs for business growth. Whether it be providing a complete turnkey outsourced solution or playing a supplementary role to your established marketing group, our team of hyperlocal marketing experts will deliver the best solution, with the best communication and reporting, at the best price. To get the conversation started, reach out via whatever method works best for your via our contact page.