The Value of Personal PR for Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 CEOs

The Value of Personal PR for Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 CEOs

Every Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 business has some type of marketing team. Marketing is what drives the business forward. It's what continually builds awareness and creates new sales opportunities. Marketing does have one shortcoming, though, and that is that it primarily focuses on the business, not building awareness for the CEO.

The Problem

People Buy from People

So here's the problem, as a CEO, your business is booming, and it's on the fast track to big-time success. Naturally, this means that people will want to get to know the person behind the company, which is going to be YOU, as the CEO. Suppose your marketing team hasn't been diligently building your social media profiles, helping you increase positive influence and awareness. In that case, it's not going to look good when people start searching to find out information about you.

Start To Build Influence

Now here's the thing with information online, if there isn't any, people tend to steer towards the negative. Instead of letting that happen, start to build influence and authority on your social media profiles immediately.

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Posting doesn't have to be anything crazy that takes up all day to create. Something short, simple, helpful, useful, timely, and relevant to your market segment is all that's needed.

The Difficult Part

It's not easy for a CEO to go to his or her marketing team and say, "Make me look like a hero," but it's an essential daily activity that must occur for every Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 CEO. If you don't create your own online persona, someone else will, and it may not be what you like, so instead, take control and create your own story. By doing so, you have all the power.

Do It Now

You have to put the work in before it's needed. As you've most likely heard a thousand times, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." If you wait until you need to build influence and authority online, it's too late. It will be like cramming for a college exam the night before. It's going to be too much to accomplish in a short period. Look at your social media profiles as a well-planned fireworks show. Integrate some written content, short-form videos, and webinars for best results.

The Solution

Go With a Personal PR Firm

Working with a professional PR company is always an option that takes the onus from the marketing team, allowing the CEO to share their vision in confidentiality. Although most CEOs are happy where they're at with their business, they're go-getters, and they have a voracious appetite for wanting more.

Three of the most common opportunities that CEOs are looking for are:

  • New investment opportunities
  • Board memberships at high-growth companies
  • Big-time speaking stages at conferences

It's very simple, the more exposure a CEO has, the more opportunities that will come their way.

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The core foundation to all this is getting your information shared out to your prospects and customers, and other CEOs looking to partner up to grow faster and stronger.

Investment Opportunities

Money makes money quickly, so it makes total sense to leverage what you already have to compound positive results rapidly through new strategic investments.

Board Memberships

Getting involved in board memberships quickly increases exposure and gets you in front of a similar peer group that's all looking to both help and make the right decisions for companies, just like you.

Big-Time Speaking Stages

Having the opportunity to get up on stage at a big-time event and share who you are, what you do, and the value you bring is like strapping a jetpack on your back. You'll get noticed and quickly, without a doubt.

CEOs who invest time, money, and effort to increase their authority and influence online will reap the benefits for years to come. There's no easier way to gain awareness quickly.

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By posting consistently, YOU, as the CEO, will gain trust, and when you gain confidence, you'll naturally gain more customers and have more opportunities come your way.

*This leadership development article was written by Brandon Schaefer and can be used in your training sessions by licensing the content.