The 3 C's to Leadership Success

The 3 C's to Leadership Success

Positive leadership success occurs through "consistent" action. Leadership success is a mindset; it's a commitment that one makes to impact everyone's life positively, including their own. It's a 365 day a year job, and it's one of the most enriching and fulfilling things you can do.

Through my years of experience, i.e., overcoming adversity as a youth, getting into entrepreneurship as a young adult, and then conquering the corporate world, I've discovered 3 prevalent traits that all great leaders embody.

I call the leadership success traits the 3 C's, and I've shared them below. Without a doubt, they will help you out if you put them into action.

Consistent Positive Reinforcement
Every great leader has an uncanny ability to provide consistent positive reinforcement even when they're upset and want to say something negative and hurtful.

Consistent Opportunities to Learn and Teach
Great leaders give everyone around them the chance to learn, and then the opportunity for them to teach what they've learned. Doing so creates an open environment where everyone is helping.

Consistent Matching of Verbal and Physical Action
Extraordinary leaders say what they say they're going to do. Their head isn't nodding yes, while their verbal communication is saying no. Matching verbal and physical creates congruency, which builds trust.

There you have them, my 3 C's to leadership success. As you've most likely noticed, "consistent" is the common word amongst all of them. Daily effort always yields the best results. Be sure to put what you've learned here into action today.

Brandon Schaefer: Leadership Development

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