Productivity Secrets of Successful Business Executives

Productivity Secrets of Successful Business Executives

Productivity Secrets of Successful Business Executives

If there's one aspect that separates experienced, successful business executives vs. rookie business executives, it's knowing what works in terms of being a powerful productivity machine. Experienced business executives know that there's only so much time in the day and that if they don't use their resources to the maximum, they'll be dead in the water.

To help you out, I put together a list of powerful productivity tips that I've learned from experienced successful business executives. After I learned them, I immediately adopted them into my daily routine, and they've provided me with outstanding results, so I know first-hand that they work.

Bring the Energy

No one likes to talk with someone half asleep or mumbling like they have marbles in their mouth. You have to bring the energy, share your enthusiasm, put your unique spin on whatever you're talking about, and let that passion shine through. I always say, "energy creates energy," so get fired up and take that energy level up. You don't want to be obnoxious with your energy level, you just want to be effective, so take in the situation as you see it, and act accordingly.

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Yes, this means having multiple projects going on at the same time. You need to hedge your bets a little bit, and by having a few different projects going on, it keeps your brain learning and you performing at its optimal level. I'm not talking about going multi-tasking crazy here; what I'm talking about is hiring people that are capable of running the smaller projects until they get big enough that you need to handle them. Multiple revenue streams are best in terms of generating massive amounts of income. I'm not talking about any get-rich-quick type junk either; I'm talking about solid revenue streams.

Don't Worry What Other People Are Doing

Does it matter if you miss a party or don't get to attend a football game with your friends? In the big scope of things, no, it doesn't matter. Dump the FOMO i.e., fear of missing out, and just do your thing. When you pull up in that nice new ride, or buy that nice new apartment in the city, or get that nice big payout, no one will ever question you again.

Stay Up to Date With News Headlines of the Day

I'm not talking about watching TV all day, what I'm talking about is browsing the quick news headlines from top news sources. If you like to listen to the radio, NPR is a great source to get caught up on everything going on in the world very quickly. The idea of staying up to date is to see if anything major is going on, which may affect the market segment that your product or service serves. You don't want to be driving in the dark without your headlights.

Use a Timer to Complete Tasks

I can tell you that if you put time limits on finishing tasks, you'll get them done quicker. If you haven't allotted yourself enough time to do the entire task, focus on getting the foundations down for the total project in the amount of time you've given yourself. Push yourself to work not only faster, but smarter.

Stay Physically and Mentally Fit

Take time for yourself. Meditate, do yoga, run in the park, go to the gym, or do any other activities that you enjoy that get the blood owing. Find alone time where you can refresh, get away from it all, and get those endorphins going and get back in touch with yourself. Exercise and meditation have many benefits beyond the actual activity, so it's never good to go too long without actively participating in keeping yourself fit.

Take Action When Needed

Putting off something that needs immediate action is not good. If something pops up that needs to be sorted out right away, do it right at that moment, and then move on. If you let things linger, you're going to keep all that clutter in your head, and you're going to lose productivity. Here's the motto that I live by, "If it takes me longer to explain to myself why I don't want to do the task, rather than just doing it, I immediately stop fooling myself and just do it right then and there." Maybe you can try this out and see how it works in your life.

Who Cares if People Are Judging You

Does it matter? Not in the big scope of things. Most people who are great thinkers and innovators are judged all the time, but it doesn't matter to them because they know that what they're doing is valuable and that it's going to change the way the people operate and do business. People that judge other people are weak. Don't worry about what anyone says to you; just keep doing your thing.

Work Where You Work Best

You've got to set up a working environment where you can be the most productive and creative person you can be. It may be sitting in an office, for others, it may be working outside in a park, or maybe in a Starbucks, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that wherever you choose to call your workplace, you can get into the groove and get a ton of stuff done quickly. I like to switch things up a bit and work in different environments because I tend to think creatively when I see and hear different things.

Use Your Time Wisely

Listen, you only have so much time during the day, so use it wisely and make every second count. There's nothing worse than wasting time. Hanging around time-wasters is not good either. Hanging around the water cooler is not good for work productivity. Stay focused and get down to work instead.

Keep Your Eye on the Finish Line

It's gratifying to finish something you've been working on in business. Take that high feeling, bottle it up, and the next time you're struggling to get started on a project, remember that gratifying feeling you had when you completed your last big task. It may be easier if you start at the finish line and work your way backward. If you think about it for a second, you'll understand what I mean.

Solve the Right Problem

There's no sense in trying to solve the wrong problem. Take the extra time to figure out with the problem is, and then go full force with all your might and determination to solve it. Many businesses waste time trying to solve the wrong problems because they didn't put the research in before they started. Don't be one of these companies, especially if you're a startup. Find the problem, address it, and create a solution that solves it.

Give Yourself Time to Dream

Never limit yourself in your dreams. Just dream about whatever you want, and don't listen to the first thought that your brain is telling you, because it's probably saying, "No, that's too big for you." All you need to say in response to your first thought is, "No, thank you. I'm not buying what you're selling." Here's the deal with dreams, if you don't follow through on your goal, someone else who has a similar vision most likely will, and then you'll be staring at your dream idea that someone else brought to fruition because they acted on it. You want to be the person in business working on your dreams, not the one watching them as you walk by the store window.

It Takes Daily Effort

If there's one thing that will put you head and shoulders above your peers, it's daily effort. The will to show up every day and hit it hard. I know people who can put forth a strong effort for a few days in a row, but then they relax, and never reach their full potential in business, or life. While on the other hand, I also know people who put forth daily effort over extended periods of time. These are the real winners, i.e., the ones that lead top companies while helping their employees grow beyond what they ever thought was possible for themselves.

Design the Way You Want to Design

Just because your biggest competitor has an app or website that looks a certain way, it doesn't mean that you need to do the same. Buck the trend, try something different, and above all, be unique. As a trendsetting motorcycle designer once said, "The last thing I do when designing a new motorcycle, is look at other motorcycles." Bring that personalized touch into everything you do.

Stay in the Moment

Have you ever met someone that's all over the place when you speak with them? It's terrible, isn't it? Scattered people with scattered and jumbled thoughts are definitely not in the moment, and if you're guilty of this, stop doing it immediately because you're confusing the heck out of people. Staying in the moment keeps you at your highest point of productivity; it gives you the most amount of energy and puts you in a position of power.

Practice Makes Perfect

It may take you doing something over, and over again, and over again until you do it right. Yes, the ultimate goal is perfection, but you're never going to get there unless you practice. The best sports athletes not only practice physically, but they also practice mentally. The best downhill skiers spend hours racing down the course, hitting every corner perfectly, and there's a reason why, because mental preparation is nearly just as necessary as physical preparation. A balance between the mental and physical works best. Try something new. If you don't try, you'll never know.

Learn What Matters Most to You

There's no sense in working in a business that doesn't matter to you. If you're not into it, and it doesn't matter if you fail or succeed at what you're doing, you're definitely in the wrong place and need to make some immediate changes. Take time to find out what's important to you, and then take action to get involved and engaged in a business where you can go home at the end of every day with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Be Resilient

You have to be able to rebound from a devastating moment, and quickly. To put it simply, you need to get your butt kicked, get right back up, and then go on the offense again. Nothing can stop you. If you lost, learn from it, don't let it hold you back, and go back and do it all over again, but use what you learned previously to be smarter and stronger, so that you come out victorious.

Find One Beautiful Moment in Every Day

Seek to discover that one moment of beauty that made you feel warm inside and smile, and have that be your last thought before your eyes come to rest and you go to sleep at night. You want to talk about setting yourself up for success, doing this daily before you go to sleep at night will definitely blast you off into the next dimension.

There you have them. Powerful productivity tips to help drive your business, as well as yourself, to new heights. Let me leave you with this thought, "Just because you bought the book, doesn't mean you're going to open it up and read it." You need to take action on what you learn. Pick out one or two items, implement them over the next few weeks, see how things go for you, and if they go well, pick another one or two, and implement them, and then keep the productivity implementation trend going from that point. You can never be too productive.