how to get uncomfortable to push to new leadership levels

How to Get Uncomfortable to Push to New Leadership Levels

how to get uncomfortable to push to new leadership levels

The bottom line is that if you want to grow in your leadership role, you're going to need to get uncomfortable. Complacency does not work. Getting into action does.

Below are three intentional ways to get uncomfortable to push to new leadership levels.

Ask Questions

Be vulnerable by asking questions. No one in the world knows the answer to every question, so if you don't know something and you'd like to find out, ask with the intent to discover.

Take Continuous Learning Courses

It's not like you learn something once, and everything stays the same for the rest of your life. People change, the way we do business changes, so stay up to date by committing to a continuous learning plan.

Dig Deeper Within

You have to push harder and try new things. Take a good look within yourself to see if your physical actions match up with what you're saying verbally. If you know you can do better, and that you're not pushing yourself enough, get around a group of friends or coworkers that will keep you accountable.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable for the best growth leadership journey. Don't leave anything up to chance when pushing through to new leadership levels by taking intentional daily action in your life.