3 Steps to Become an Inspirational Leader

3 Steps to Become an Inspirational Leader

Make the absolute most of your leadership role by being an inspirational leader. A leader that shows up and is available for people to speak with throughout the day. The more personal you are, the more people will be open to sharing their thoughts and feelings with you.

Hardcore leaders rarely stay in favor of the people they lead, while a down to earth leader is usually highly sought after. The decision is yours as to whether you want to be an inspirational leader or a hardcore leader. My suggestion is to lead with a delicate balance of strength and inspiration.

Below are three steps you can implement to become an inspirational leader.

Practice Patience

Not everything is going to get completed how and when you want it done. The faster you realize that not everything is in your absolute control and that human beings make mistakes and need time to correct them, the less frustrated you're going to get. Just look at a situation in your life if you'd only had someone practice patience with you and what the result may have been if they did.

Teach Resilience

In your inspirational leadership role, you have to teach people that it's ok to get knocked down. You also have to show them that they have to get right back up as well. A knockdown doesn't mean a knockout; it just means a person got hit with a massive learning opportunity to get back up, learn what went wrong, correct it, and then go and take two steps forward.

Share Forgiveness

Understanding that people are not perfect and that they make mistakes is one of the keystones to becoming an inspirational leader. Without the willingness to forgive, it's going to be a frustrating journey for everyone involved. Take every forgiveness moment as a teaching moment. Asking a person to have a quick discussion about what went on and why you feel the need to speak with them is empowering for both people involved. Forgiveness helps to enrich relationships.

In summary, to become an inspirational leader, you need to become a human being. The inspirational leader who can quickly and easily relate to people will always win versus the hardcore leader. Be slow and steady in your leadership role, and you'll always win the race.

Brandon Schaefer: Leadership Development

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