3 Actions To Get Good at a New Business Task Fast

3 Actions To Get Good at a New Business Task Fast

Throughout life, there are going to be new business tasks that get assigned to you that you're not going to be comfortable with because you've never done them before. You can look at it from the positive viewpoint of taking on a new challenge, or from the negative of this is going to be a further burden.

In my personal experiences, I've always had more success when I've looked at the new business task from a positive viewpoint, so that's what I recommend you do as well.

Getting Good at a New Business Task

Below are three actions to take when you want to get good at a new business task you've never done before.

Design a Roadmap

Take the time to think everything through before jumping in; design a blueprint or roadmap of how you're going to get good at this new business task in the least amount of time. There are always resources and peer groups available to help you, so use them as much as possible to bounce questions off and to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Make Corrections

At some point, the rubber is going to need to hit the road, and you're going to need to start performing the new business task. Don't fear failure and not looking perfect; embrace the opportunity that you have and be willing to give yourself a chance to get good at what you need to do. I've rarely seen a person pick up a new business task and be the best at it right away.

Continue to Learn

Measure twice, cut once. Without a doubt, you're going to make mistakes when performing your new business task, and it's okay. Continuing to learn is what's important here. The willingness to be open enough to admit that you've messed up, and then have the guts to go back and put what you learned into action and go at the new business task another way is what's going to separate you from the pack.

I know in my life, some of the worst experiences have ultimately worked out to be the best experiences because although it hurt me the most, I learned the most. Life is about learning. Business is about learning. The more you commit to being open and willing to take on new business tasks, the faster you're going to get your confidence level up and be able to chew through anything else that comes your way.

Brandon Schaefer: Leadership Development