Creating Online Survey Forms for Workplace Safety

Creating Online Survey Forms for Workplace Safety

Creating Online Survey Forms for Workplace Safety

The time to change to an electronic workflow and create online survey forms is now. With employees working remotely and not having access to paper forms, it's more imperative than ever. Online survey forms are an easy and effective way to maintain workplace safety.

Below are three reasons why creating online survey forms for workplace safety will benefit your company.

Online Survey Forms for Signing In

Online survey forms are great for having employees and visitors sign in and out of the office. Tracking employees and visitors when they enter and then again when they leave is vital for tracing purposes.

Online Survey Forms for Submitting Health Status

Keep employees and visitors safe by having them submit their temperature before coming into the office. If they don't feel well and provide a higher than normal temperature, access will be denied until their temperature gets back to normal.

Online Survey Forms for Keeping Track of Travel

Online survey forms create a simple way to keep track of states and countries where employees and visitors have recently traveled. People travel all the time, and it's essential to know where an employee or visitor has been so that you can decide whether you want to grant them access.

As times have changed in business, the typical manual workflow processes that have been utilized for years have quickly been outdated. Create online survey forms to stay compliant and maintain workplace safety, both for your employees and visitors.