How To Export HubSpot Notes Into a .CSV File

This article explains how to export HubSpot notes into a .CSV file.

The question, "can I export HubSpot notes" is asked all the time in HubSpot forums since the feature is not supported natively.

There is an easy way, though. Thanks to the team at CSV Loader the option to export HubSpot notes into a .CSV file is now available, and it's dead simple to use. Yes, it does cost money, but if exporting notes is an essential part of your workflow, then CSV Loader will be a dream come true for you.

Reference screenshot of how your HubSpot notes export file will appear in the CSV Loader console.

export notes from hubspot csv loader

As another option, if you have a savvy API team member, they can probably spin something up for you as well as a custom HubSpot application, but if you want out of ready-to-go software, CSV Loader will do the trick.

CSV Loader also allows many other HubSpot data points to easily be exported as well.

Reference "Export Activities and Notes from HubSpot (into a CSV file)" YouTube video to see it in action.

Lastly, if you're going from Salesforce to HubSpot or any of the other major players in the CRM space to HubSpot, Import2 made by the same company as CSV Loader, will be a timesaver and lifesaver.

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